Code Poetry Slam

So, yeah, a freakin ‘HUGO nominee recommeded ME for ArmadilloCon – yeah, good thing I accepted that invitation.

accepted that
thing I accepted dees
good thing I rodeheaver
yeah, good thing err(1)
– yeah, good wang
ArmadilloCon – yeah, king
ArmadilloCon –
for ArmadilloCon
ME for
nominee recommeded ME ville
‘HUGO nominee recommeded leh
‘HUGO nominee
a freakin ‘HUGO emmerson
a freakin
yeah so
dead men 's dust
vulgar salutation
long lewd lither loiterer
moral elevation ensues
float of a fishing-line
conical tops of mountains
barrel of small arms.
barrel of the wheel.
barrier of ice. ice
olive oil. _yellow basilicon_
battening the hatches. securing
battens of the hatches.
beam of the anchor. synonymous
land 's end bore
before or abaft the beam.
bend on the tack.
berthing of the head.
beset in ice. surrounded

Cruelty bien.
cruelty, and murder. And what
crush cloth and bones as the jaws of the hyæna crush
crushing out
cruel man is ever courageous. The popular theory, that inhumanity is
crucified at the foot of the
laden with spoils.
cruelty could add. Two of Rome’s
crushing out
cruelty and despotism that
carrots to the English governor, whose men were dying of scurvy, have
the men of Elliot’s garrison were suffering severely from scurvy,
carrots to the English governor, whose men were dying of scurvy, have
mentioned: a point which
men likely to be hostile commanders, would obviously
from the pagan laws of war which every page of the history of Christian
4,734 Christian inscriptions of the same period, only 27 were
Christian; if he wants to run away with a girl, he becomes a Christian;
cruelty, however, taken in connection with
carrots to the English governor, whose men were dying of scurvy, have
Cruelty bien.


A true purpose
A social world
A senior officer 's signature

A fore-and-aft sail, setting with a boom and gaff, in
  ships, synonymous with the spencers of brigs and schooners, and the
  spanker or driver of ships.

The true purpose
The social world
The senior officer 's signature

In size, as a ship's boat, smaller than
  the barge, and, like it, carvel-built.
true purpose
debutante wears
The senior officer 's signature

true one--arising from lateral pressure and the effect of sea when
purpose of firing signals,
  as the officer who commands her is particularly ordered to carry no
  cargo, ammunition, or implements of war.

Why are we perverse and ask for something
ask for something fu dining-room service.
and ask for fudging
perverse and ask reyer
we perverse and hunk
are we perverse duguid?
are we britz
are indri
Why moondreamer?
Why did I invite myself to this dinner
Why are you so
A true purpose
social world
A senior officer 's signature

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