jams with olos

Some footage of live screenshots I’ve taken while developing (and playing with)  (( OLoS )) . sign up to join the beta at olos.cc

dist/dans demo

dist/dans is a mobile app that generates music based on proximity to the people around you. A work in progress in collaboration with Jia. It will hopefully be part of the ITP Show.

Carry Your Frequencies

When people look at their phones during an event, that’s generally an indication of boredom. And when people bury their heads into screens on the subway, it’s an escape from the public space, a way to avoid making eye contact with strangers. I do these things all the time. I know it’s rude. But it’s becoming […]

Where I’m At

Where I’m At is a sonic graffiti app for iPhone and Android. The main user interface consists of a record button and a map. When you open the app, or hit the refresh icon, a bunch of things happen: It uses the geolocation API to fetch your location. Then it sends your latitude/longitude to the Foursquare […]

Always On Project Ideas

Where I’m At is a sonic graffiti app that tags locations with audio. I’ve been working on it, and I’m currently getting nearby locations with Foursquare, saving audio files to my remote server. Every location has only the most recent audio file associated with it, so there is some competition to tag the place with your sound. […]