Where I’m At – App Idea

For Always On, Always Connected, I want to explore location-based audio and develop a mobile app around that idea. First, I need to learn more about how people approach location + audio. What could make location-based audio interesting enough to create? To share privately, or publicly? Is there data about audio that might be interesting, or should I focus just on […]

Fable of the User-Centered Designer

The lessons of David Travis’ Fable of the User-Centered Designer seem obvious: Start by getting to know who you are designing for, test your assumptions, and iterate. But the approach is not quite so obvious because, as the fable’s protagonist discovers, there is no manual for user-centered design. You can’t just go by the book. You have to engage with your users at […]

Updated Thesis Summary

Title: OLoS: Online Open Source Music Synopsis: A modular web audio environment where everything—both the music and the underlying code—can be remixed. I will design interfaces that show the underlying processes and invite play. My goal is to foster an open source community for shared learning. Description: OLoS is an environment to play with code and […]


The second assignment for Ken Perlin’s Computer Graphics class was to play with WebGL shaders. Here’s some fun with GLSL!

Always On, Always Connected

When I leave the house in the morning, if I’m planning to take the subway, I often bring a magazine in case I get bored. But I rarely wind up reading that magazine, because I rarely get bored, because I always have my phone. When I get home, I’m excited to open the mailbox to see if there […]

Fun with wget

For Storage Wars and Data Dumps, I spent some time playing with wget to download websites. I found some good instructions programminghistorian.org. The command wget -r –no-parent -w 2 –limit-rate=20k <website> set my terminal plowing through every link it could find. -r stands for recursive retrieval, meaning it’ll follow all links on the page, but –no-parent […]

Computer Graphics

The first assignment for Ken Perlin’s Computer Graphics course is to explain why I’m interested in computer graphics and what I want to get out of the course. My assignments will be posted to my github. I’m interested in Computer Graphics as a creative window into more advanced topics in computer science and math. I took […]

Research for Thesis (excerpt from my private thesis blog)

TITLE: OnLine Open Source DAW.   SYNOPSIS: OLOS-DAW is a browser-based music production environment where everything—both the music and the underlying code—can be remixed. It is an open source, educational resource for communities to form around the intersection of music, code and the web. DESCRIPTION: OLOS is a digital audio workstation, similar to Garage Band, but with […]

Themes from the 1st WAC (outline)

This is just an outline off the top of my head of all the cool stuff that happened at the 1st WAC at IRCAM and Mozilla Paris. Distributed performance talk / demo Lissijous –> distributed Technical questions Compositional questsion—maybe latency is something to be embraced by the composer. how much control to give the audience, when […]