Piano Tops

Buckminster Fuller begins his Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth: I am enthusiastic over humanity’s extraordinary and sometimes very timely ingenuity. If you are in a shipwreck and all the boats are gone, a piano top buoyant enough to keep you afloat that comes along makes a fortuitous life preserver. But this is not to say […]

FMA Social Data

I applied some of the many techniques that we covered in Gilad Lotan’s Social Data Analysis class to the Free Music Archive, a curated resource for free legal mp3 downloads. I directed the FMA before coming to ITP, so I already had some hunches about what I might find. But I had primarily dealt with its database through a CMS, […]

MyoBlaster: Sonifying the Genetic Code of In Vitro Meat

MyoBlaster generates music from the cDNA sequence of myoblasts. Myoblasts are undifferentiated cells primed to generate Myosin, a type of protein that is specific to muscle cells. Meat is mostly muscle. So myoblasts play a major role in the creation of all meat. It is possible to extract myoblasts from a living animal, and place them […]

Code Poetry Slam

So, yeah, a freakin ‘HUGO nominee recommeded ME for ArmadilloCon – yeah, good thing I accepted that invitation. accepted that thing I accepted dees good thing I rodeheaver yeah, good thing err(1) – yeah, good wang ArmadilloCon – yeah, king ArmadilloCon – for ArmadilloCon ME for nominee recommeded ME ville ‘HUGO nominee recommeded leh ‘HUGO […]

Daily Practice: In Vitro Meat Tunes (UPDATED)

Laid Off   Ontology   Assimilate Swine   Dinosaur Flesh is Back (From Extinction)   Slaughterhouse 666   Symbolic Hamburger (Death is Above You)   Meatgrinder   Additional Song Title/Ideas Pig Out Real Artificial Animal Equality Organism Equality New Cytology Calf Symbol (offline / too raw) …

Hookpad Analysis & Composition

Hookpad is a sketch pad for musical composition that focuses on two primary elements: Chords and Melody. Even with this focus, it’s an ambitious task, because there are many secondary elements that come into play for musical composition. Hookpad toes the line between providing important features, and constraints that help guide the user towards creative composition. There […]

Symbolic Hamburger

Here are two draft songs I’ve been working on for the collection of Meat Chips. One is sort of a pop song with vocals, and one is an instrumental that samples the sound of meat (chewing, frying, cutting, pounding, grinding). I’m figuring out the voice of this collection.The music is about a new industry of synthetic meat. So […]