DWD Project Description

I’m building a collaborative discussion forum for Dynamic Web Development. This is also a project for Hacking Higher Ed where I’ve been researching the social conditions that facilitate learning, and what types of discussion forums might lead a community to adopt these social norms.

These are the features I’m considering (though I will probably need to trim ’em down!)

  • all visitors can view and search Q&A’s
  • visitor becomes a ‘user’ by signing in and creating account –> profile w/ image, bio, url’s
  • users can create questions, but first must search to see if there are already similar results
  • users can answer questions
  • users can edit questions to better frame the concept
  • version control: track history of edits to questions & answers (Wiki-style)
  • users can award each other points
  • users can award each other badges for Good Question and Good Answer
  • users can mark questions ‘resolved’ or add follow-up questions

Live Music Map Idea

Venue Map

I’ve missed some really good shows lately, walked right past them in fact, simply because there’s so much going on in NYC.

So I’ve starting to make an app that pulls in all the local venues from Songkick, plots them on a Google Map, and lists the upcoming events. Actually, I’ve decided to parse event data to find out which artists are playing, and I’m planning to use that as the basis for venue inspired radio stations.

Source Code

Coming soon:

  • Local radio for upcoming events in a metro area and at a specific venue
  • Geolocation + search to set location (NYC only for now)
  • Create ‘venue playlists’ like Downtown Free Jazz or Brooklyn Hardcore by listing favorite venues
  • Browse other people’s venue-based playlists.

This might become a project for Dynamic Web Development, we’ll see! I had fun with Google Maps and music API’s way back at Music Hack Day 2012, happy to get back to it.