Interactive Klein Bottle

Luke DuBois introduced us to Paul Bourke, a researcher from Australia who shares an amazing online repository of math equations for geometry, textures, shapes and fractals. I tinkered with some of these equations through a JavaScript file in Max/MSP/Jitter.

I created the shapes using little cubes at each point, one point at a time. You can watch the shape take form:



I settled on the Klein Bottle shape. Here’s a patch that forms the shape with a fun visualization and sonifies it, allowing you to tinker with parameters like # of points and size of the cube at each point.


zip download


Pixel Experiments

So much to play with this week! Here are my two favorite experiments.

Bearpocolypse – loops through each pixel in the bear image, compares it to every other pixel, and changes each pixel based on “distance” of the RGB.


In Motion Dot-tector – built off of the Learning Processing Motion Sensor, and inspired by something I saw at the Exploratorium as a kid. Ellipse size decreases if there is a lot of motion, and ellipses only show up at pixels where there is motion (a difference between current capture and the most recent capture). This one took a lot of memory to run.


I got caught up in all of the examples and libraries, but wasn’t sure where to take them. I’d like to come back to Pixels to make music out of shapes and/or movement.