Daily Practice: In Vitro Meat Tunes (UPDATED)

Laid Off




Assimilate Swine


Dinosaur Flesh is Back (From Extinction)


Slaughterhouse 666


Symbolic Hamburger (Death is Above You)




Additional Song Title/Ideas
Pig Out

Real Artificial

Animal Equality

Organism Equality

New Cytology

Calf Symbol (offline / too raw)

Time’s come to free them!
(pray for the swine)
Now that we don’t need them!
(pray for the swine)
Pork any time, anywhere
(pray for the swine)

One step for meat’s a real time bomb

swine flu’s history
genetics no mystery
synthesized netherlands

One step for meat’s a real time bomb
In your kitchen.
In all of your homes.
How does it feel to be left out?
Each pig will wander alone

if you want pork fat
we can synthesize that
any time, anywhere

After they’re gone
no sin and no harm
swine captured
anyway you call it
real life pig
synthesized pork essence

swine’s trapped
you will admit
the victimless garden’s full of shit
daisies reveal their pressure point
do it before
we all crash down
you assimilate
they assimilate
we assimilate

One step for meat’s a real time bomb
your cooking the heart of a clone
One step for meat’s a real time bomb
Each pig wanders alone

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