DWD Project Description

I’m building a collaborative discussion forum for Dynamic Web Development. This is also a project for Hacking Higher Ed where I’ve been researching the social conditions that facilitate learning, and what types of discussion forums might lead a community to adopt these social norms.

These are the features I’m considering (though I will probably need to trim ’em down!)

  • all visitors can view and search Q&A’s
  • visitor becomes a ‘user’ by signing in and creating account –> profile w/ image, bio, url’s
  • users can create questions, but first must search to see if there are already similar results
  • users can answer questions
  • users can edit questions to better frame the concept
  • version control: track history of edits to questions & answers (Wiki-style)
  • users can award each other points
  • users can award each other badges for Good Question and Good Answer
  • users can mark questions ‘resolved’ or add follow-up questions

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