True Purpose, Social World, Senior Officer’s Signature

A true purpose
A social world
A senior officer ‘s signature

A fore-and-aft sail, setting with a boom and gaff, in
ships, synonymous with the spencers of brigs and schooners, and the
spanker or driver of ships.

The true purpose
The social world
The senior officer ‘s signature

In size, as a ship’s boat, smaller than
the barge, and, like it, carvel-built.
true purpose
debutante wears
The senior officer ‘s signature

true one–arising from lateral pressure and the effect of sea when
purpose of firing signals,
as the officer who commands her is particularly ordered to carry no
cargo, ammunition, or implements of war.

Why are we perverse and ask for something
ask for something fu dining-room service.
and ask for fudging
perverse and ask reyer
we perverse and hunk
are we perverse duguid?
are we britz
are indri
Why moondreamer?
Why did I invite myself to this dinner
Why are you so

A true purpose
social world
A senior officer ‘s signature

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