DRM for In Vitro Meat: The Carnoisser

John, Karam and I met up a couple times this week, and I think we’ve narrowed in on an idea.

We’re interested in exploring the “open source / closed source” axis for a future of meat that could involve 3d bio-printing. We want to highlight the contrast between this technology’s rhetoric (potential to feed the entire world!), vs. the realities of our capitalist food system.

We considered writing a speculative patent application.

Now we are leaning more towards making a marketing pamphlet for a product called the Carnoisser.

The Carnoisser will be sort of like a hybrid between a Maker Bot and a Keurig. John pointed out how Keurig, the coffee pod pioneer, has taken measures to discourage DIY pods and promote only the use of licensed Keurig pods.
2014-10-14 15.23.19

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