In Vitro Meat + Plankton + Pumpkin Group Brainstorm


  • Energy
  • How would this solve hunger / food scarcity / part of a bigger system of change?
  • food chain ethics
  • “natural” (w/ human involvement? over time vs. immediate lab results?)
  • cloning organs / body parts for health
  • immortal cells
  • what happens if Future Foods succeed?
    • to livestock (cattle? pigs?)
    • to cultures where meat is prominent (Mongolia? Argentina?)
  • Productivity vs Income graph –> cheap food / who profits from “cheap” food and can cheap also be sustainable?
  • Patents vs open source food solutions / food phreaking

Dimensions to Map:

Vegan vs Paleo
Legal to Illegal
distance from source
energy produced / consumed
time to produce
environmental sustainability
GMO vs Selective Breeding
Natural to Modified
$$$ to ¢

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